Camera The Zire 72 has rear mounted built in 1. Additional Product Features Display Resolution. There is no point for a serial connector anymore in such a modern product. Palm also made it possible to have events spanning midnight, separate calendar support and the ability to beam multiple appointments and categories. Small – px Medium – px Large – px. The Zire 72 also adds the ability to assign a picture to a contact taken with the camera.

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Ryan Kairer April 28th, The palmOne Zire ;almone is palmOne’s latest model in the consumer Zire line with zirw heavy emphasis on multimedia. Hp sometimes call their connector a universal connector but not much.

This is not such a problem with friends who have various other type PDAs. Try to preserve the label to reapply later. The microphone is also hidden behind the rear grill, which is used for the voice and movie recorder. The colors are accurate with excellent contrast and viewing angles and is consistently backlit without any shadows or bright spots. I would give it an excellent rating if it was also a cell phone so I wouldn’t need 2 devices.

The handheld brings built in bluetooth wireless, new features, enhanced software and many other improvements over its predecessor palmine Zire The carrying case that came with it is heavily padded and too fat to comfortably fit in your pocket.


Accessories like all of the above you mention need to connect to a host.

PalmOne Zire 72 Repair – iFixit

That’s all much as you’d expect, but PalmOne has shown some real palmobe with the Zire 72’s camera. One cable for all your gadgets. If you can’t hear anything from your Zire’s speakers, the problem may be that izre have a bad or old speaker that needs to be replaced.

Show More Show Less. Most other formats require conversion, but the software to convert them is readily available and free. This palm replaces one I broke.

I mostly sync my Palm Treo at work with Outlook, and it’s absolutely essential to have a zirw connect as a result. Trending Price New.

PalmOne Zire 72 Troubleshooting

HP Classic Handheld The processor automatically manages voltage and frequency changes for additional power savings. Palmne is no point for a serial connector anymore in such a modern product.

Single Step Full Guide. Plug your phone into the charger. Who better to look after your housing benefits than Capita? Palm Zire 72 Excellent Condition. Since then I palnone it and I use it every day. Here are a few facts that I believe introverted some of the product plans.


If the battery needs to be replaced, see the installation guide for the battery. Can anyone that has one of these install DateBk5 and create an appointment, zirs there a delay, is there clicking? I seemsed to remember back when the m50x series zife out, Palm did say they would stick with the PUC for a few years. Why I like my Zire The Palm Zire 72 is a little underpowered by today’s standards, but intelligently designed and very useful to me.

The screen is bright, it runs fast, holds a lot of applications, it’s slim, does everything i need, and with the bluetooth and my phone, i go online with it all the time.

PalmOne Zire 72 • The Register

I own several palms of different models. It has a kind of plastic feel and the blue coating is a disaster. Fully discharge and recharge the battery.

Thanks for the excellent instructions.