Concerning save files, there is no action needed on the end users part. Compatibile with Wi-Fi Connection. And remember that the G6DS Real carts have just shipped out, most have probably not even received their carts yet. Very easy to use if it wasn’t for some touch screen calibration issues. Importance notes to prevent data loss: Select the option turn blue , left click it to confirm the operation III.

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The v6ds colour also matches a retail cart quite well. Enlace al hilo de su foro: Search titles only Posted by Member: Run the format utility 3. Set at the game the copy to G6 in which dodged saves usually all directly to use has stored up on the computer the game ROMsource document name.

DS header information is not displayed within the OS. Anything else will make your PC detect the linker as a random piece of hardware. Thankfully the G6DS Real is no different here.

Mario Kart DS didn’t work before, but with the new 2. That’s right, another Castlevania screenshot, and another cart that can play it with reall lag. Additional features, such as action replay cheat support, multimedia options, soft reset and PassMe function will add extra fun.

Sell G6 DS Real one card for DS NDS/NDSL

Exclusive super ” Cheat Code” function. Either way, you get into the G6DS Real menu at some point. You must log in or sign up to reply here. All save game files teal KB in size regardless of the games actual saver type. The plastic and mould is good quality and you should have no concern over inserting it into your DS.

New Drivers  LW-IC800 DRIVER

That’s what we’re here to find out! There are six sections to the G6DS Real loader. G6DS Real is one of my personal favourites. Only can replace the base map, also the base map replacement operation needs to rely on the computer to complete the picture the replace. However, please make sure that the “Cheat Code function” and “Reset” function is suspended.

Review Hide similar threads. The G6DS Real is obviously one of the most anticipated carts that are out on the market.

Sell G6 DS Real one card for DS NDS/NDSL(id) – EC21

Un saludo a todos. Upon closer inspection however, you notice that there is a chip sticking out right where it is labeled G6DS Real. The USB linker is a simple device. Just come over here. In general, the G6DS Real has the best of everything assuming that the auto-DLDI patcher comes out in Juneand even though it is a seemingly high price in the current market, the G6DS Real is a bargain compared with slightly older carts. The G6 team managed to fix Mario Kart 64 in an update, this means that they can probably fix download play games in the future.


G6DS Real Review

File drag and drop takes few moments. For the options, you can boot to slot 2, change skins, and also choose to boot the G6DS Real menu at launch or just the DS menu. The G6DS Real menu is easy to navigate.

Unlike the promotional photos, my USB eral came in a black casing.

It has all your games, and the options are at the top right corner. If you’re using Windows XP, when you attach the reader, Windows should bring up an autoplay menu and ask what action you’d like to take – so just select ‘Open folder to view v6ds. And this is not all — the G6DS Real has a download play support — a great feature allowing you to play multilayer games on several DS consoles and run a backup on only one of them.

Special thanks to the G6 Team who sent me a sample.