TextEdit adds vertical layout, graphical toolbar”. I try too with others drivers like ML — with no more success… agosto 12, 4: Tengo una xerox con un macbook y funciona perfecto. Am I supposed to be looking for a Lexmark printer? Screenshot of Mac OS X However, in an extensive review of the operating system, Ars Technica recommended Lion.

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Helen Thank you so much!

Archived from the original on June 8, It allows printing but it pauses all the time when you resume the print it starts printing from the begining of the document againIt will pause any prints sent to it across the network after the first 1 or 2 pages are printedIt won’t allow scanning at allWhen you launch the scanner it takes forever to connect 3 – 4 mins If you try to scan using any of the scan options if it loads the devise it then states it can not connect to the device, or all the scan buttons apear but greyed out.


Thanks to the genius of Guigo. Many drivers tried, none worked, only this!!!!! Screenshot of Mac OS X Thanks again junho 4, 5: I’m a newbie with Macs.

Dell cn Driver Download

In that case the print-out is quit poor and unsharp. I am very VERY grateful.

Mac OS X I know now there is no OEM driver. Alex OS X Karen Will you be working on a version for OS No longer eell I have to listen to my Linux loving wife mocking mac Mac for not being able to run my ML!

If I choose Autoselect, is states that Software for this printr isn’t available from Apple. Never waste a good thing!

About Auto Save and Versions”. Luigi Thank you so much for sharing this work!!! Hi, I see here that Version 2. Retrieved June 10, A preview of Mac OS X Robert Stefaniuk Hi, Version 2.

OS X V Lion :: Get The Dell cn Printer Working On It?

I’ve heard good reviews of the G, with its LED backlighting. May 14, how to get the Dell cn printer working on Lion? Is there some simple fix for this?


Archived from the original on August 19, Retrieved July 25, I am almost hopeless after my laptop to which i connected fell Samsung ML printer crashed. I used version 0.

Many thanks for the ML driver. The error reported is that SpliX cannot get the information regarding the page size. Archived from the original on January 12, Antonio Hi, I see here that Version 2.

Retrieved February 1, Still the same problem.