When it stops working I can just buy a new one, no worries. I had a really fancy keyboard the one where the keys sloped to the left on one side and to the right on the other? I have a basic black rectangular thingy with no extra functions. One of the better ergo keys as well. The weighted keys are a nice feature, but not really that noticable. MS fixed their idiotic Function-Lock key on this one. I don’t really like “special” keyboards, although I’m thinking of getting a dvorak one..

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I find I use the extra buttons quit a bit. No extra keys to maps, it’s just an awesome keyboard. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic I’m use a simply black keyboard Defender, KSB without a special keys. An ancient Microsoft ergonomic keyboard with no extra buttons on my main rig and a wireless keyboard and mouse attached to my server normally use vnc to access it rather than the keyboard.

Might have to try it sometime and see how it ddfender Next time I need a new keyboard I might go for that one: I think the best way to learn is with a map on the screen rather than getting a new keyboard.


I have a basic black rectangular thingy with no extra functions. But if you touch-type, it’s very comfortable. I have a Logitech iTouch Keyboard.

HP Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse I picked up at a “cubical sale” – works very well with my “computing on the couch” lifestyle. Are eefender thinking about learning it, or do you use it already? MS fixed their idiotic Function-Lock key on this one. I have a Logitech Elite and I’ve mapped the buttons that I would tend to use. Just about everthing was set up and working without further tweeking.

I have one of those wireless thingies and I use all of the buttons on it – all works fine. Here’s a picture, but this is the white model, I couldn’t find any black pictures:. It has 12 extra buttons mainly for quick launches and multimedia, I seen to never really os-910b them. I own one of those crappy things. One of the better ergo keys as well.

I remapped the FLock key to toggle the Dvorak layout. I would have been fine with just a basic wireless keyboard.

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The is the opposite. I’m trying to find an old Model-M though, just for the vintage fun. I don’t hold that against gnome as it makes perfect sense really. Don’t use the function buttons I dont even have a windows button, it drfender strange.


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I have a MS K-910b keyboard with the stupidly-implemented F-lock, and it’s extremely annoying. I wish better support was available so that ubutnu could set up the buttons automatically.

And I use Dvorak, not that it has anything to do with the thread, but i’m glad it’s supported in ubuntu gnome – I couldn’t use it in Xfce without changing the whole system from xorg. Sadly, the quality level is not as high as the Thinkpad’s keyboard and some special keys get quite strangely mapped.

Works and mainly there for DVD playback. As a result, I’ve never even tried the special keys on my notebook. Dfender many have have those special keys being used a lot?