There is no switch for ‘on’ or ‘off’. It worked very well indeed on Win 7 but disappeared completely when I upgraded to Win 8 Enterprise. And on the icon on the bottom bar there is blind cannot be used the option “enable to connect devices”. Does anyone have a solution that works???? Also, when I go into my Bluetooth Settings, the check-box for “Allow remote devices to browse, send, and receive pictures, music, and other files” is greyed out, so I can’t check it. I have the same problem with my bluetooth.

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Is it just time to jump ship and swim over to Apple. Bluetootj the beginning the bluetooth doesn’t work. For weeks I have been searching for a solution. This is just one of several issues I have had with W8.

I wonder whether ANYONE in our Microsoft Community has their Bluetooth devices up and running in Windows 8 and, if so, how did they manage to get their devices on line bcmdg-cl1rom bluetooth seems to be the crux of the problem?

This was even after I had uninstalled Bluetooth through my Device Manager. I have just downloaded the latest Bluetooth Drivers that support Windows 8 from Broadcom at http: Friday, November 02, 9: I did have to load the Broadcom drivers at that point to get full functionality, but it works.


Of course it is a Win 8 problem. Saturday, November 03, 6: Will advise any developments. I took the laptop where I bought it and they do not know how to help.


Bcmdg Cl1rom was fully scanned bcmdg-cl1rom bluetooth Edited by Dannfort Bluetoooth, November 16, 2: Sunday, November 11, 7: My phone says the computer’s Bluetooth is offline too, so it goes both ways.

Is it just time to jump ship and swim over to Apple. Also, the “solution” from earlier posts does not show up when I click on it.

Make sure that you have a USB drive large enough to take the image. Resources for IT Professionals.

IOGEAR – GBU – | Bluetooth Adapter | Bluetooth Dongle | USB Bluetooth

Thursday, November 15, 6: Trying to connect Bose Soundlink Mini. I installed the dell card software and it installs the entire stack. I didn’t like it so returned it and purchased a USB touchpad T Recommend buying from a network manufacture so you can get support. No support or service and the products often fail after updated electrons are installed for the OS of a system.


The follow on pain is also a challenge. I can see this connection on the phone and in my laptop. Thursday, July 18, Wednesday, November 14, 5: If something works fine before the bcm92046dt-cl1rom then disappears when you install Win 8 how can it be a local problem?

Micro USB Bluetooth 4.0 Transmitter

Tuesday, August 20, 3: You can get a Win8 driver for your Sony from here: Saturday, November 03, I have tried updating Bluetooth Driver from Sony. I tried updating the drivers from the generic ones to those provided by ASUS motherboardbut they kept bringing up the error that I had to uninstall the previous Bluetooth installation. I believe this is an issue with the drivers for the for Bluetooth audio.